The Sport of Miniature Golf:

Miniature golf is played at a highly competitive level in the United States and around the world.

In the US there are two organizations offering tournaments at the professional level: the Professional Putters Association and the US Pro Mini-Golf Association (USPMGA), the latter being the only Mini-Golf sport organization to represent the USA in the World Mini-Golf Sport Federation (WMF) and has been an active WMF member since 1995. USPMGA President Robert Detwiler is also the WMF representative for North and South America.

The USA Mini-Golf World Championships are organized on odd numbered years. The teams are selected from USPMGA players in qualifying tournaments held on the Team USA Training course located in North Myrtle Beach, SC. The USPMGA also holds USPMGA Pro Tour events all over the continental US, with the two main National events -- the USPMGA US Open Mini-Golf Championship and the USPMGA Master's National Mini-Golf Championship, held in May and October, respectively -- taking place in North Myrtle Beach.

Around the world and especially in Europe, competitive miniature golf is very popular. In Europe, championships are held on even numbered years where top National players compete for the European Champion title in individual and team competition. The European Mini-Golf Sport Federation also organizes European Junior and Senior championships as well as the Nations cup (prelude to European Mini-Golf Championship). Northern European countries also have their own Nordic cups.